Depending on availability, Fig & Spice offers a monthly dinner exploring cuisine from around the world.  Past dinners have included authentic menus from Italy, France, Syria, India, Guatemala - and the U.S.!  Guests are invited via a private email list -  due to state liquor laws - and are free to invite friends to the event.  Guests are assigned seats at a community table, allowing people to mix with a wide variety of people from the Island.  Traditionally, the dinners begin with an appetizer buffet, during which guests open bottles of their favorite beverage....  Then, guests are seated, and treated to a plated service usually involving another 3-4 courses.  The evening generally begins at 6:30, and lasts for approximately 3 hours.  Enjoy an evening exploring new tastes - or savoring foods not normally found at restaurants in the area!  Ingredients are sourced from Puget Sound markets that cater to the theme of the night - and are sometimes directly from the country, as in the case of past dinners from Paris, India, the Middle East, and Spain!  These dinners allow me to explore the complexities of spices from around the world - and how each dish can hint at its origin just by the presence of a certain herb or method of preparation...  To be added to the invite list, please send a message to [email protected]  The invitation is sent approximately 10 days before the dinner date, and includes the offered menu of the night.  Have a night out on the town - and a new experience of taste!